Connection Email , Bubble - Godaddy

I want to connect my email to my Bubble app.
My provider is Godaddy.
When I want to verify it I get an error.
I know this is because it is send to admin@… and I only have a info@… mail address.
I created an “alias”, admin, in my godaddy for my info address.
Error keeps showing up so conneting doesn’t work.
Is an alias not good enough, do I need to create a real admin@… address for this?
Or won’t this fix it?


No, an alias should be fine… dont create another email

Is your emails through gmail?

Godaddy provides outlook services.

I have connected a few Godaddy sites and have found them tricky most of the time.

Can you show us some screen shots of everything?

Does the mail address I enter in SendGrind need to be the admin@ address? Now I’ve submitted the info@ address.

Do you have the admin address as a verified sender in send grid?

Add the admin email in there and see if it works

Your will also when sending an email need to make the sender one of these verified emails

Do I delete the info@ address as verified sender?

You shouldnt need to

It worked I think.
Thanks man.