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Considering Production Plan - Need Advice/Help

I’ve been building my app for quite some time now and am close to product launch. I know there has been multiple topics on this subject.

I’m considering the Production Plan, but can’t seem to understand Bubble’s thinking for the amount of storage it comes with? At almost $500 a month, it only includes 10GB of app storage?

I have toyed around with external storage solutions, but it just doesn’t seem like I can find one that is speedy enough, and integrates well with the ‘real time’ bubble application.

Does anyone who currently is on the Production Plan have any valuable advice or input?

Would love to hear thoughts/suggestions.

Thank you!


I think it is 10GB “File” storage.

That is stuff saved on S3 by file uploads etc

Not the Postgres DB which is, AFAIK, unlimited.

@neerja Hi,

Could you add some input/clarify?

Hey @NigelG,

I believe your right. I was just kind of annoyed that for the money, the storage is quite small. Also looking for others who may have purchased the Production Plan, what their thoughts were, and how they like it. But more sore how they are getting around the storage situation without losing performance.

@lantzgould It seems a bit exsessive that you need the production plan if you have 0 users?

You can purchase extra storage at $10 for 10GB when you need it. That’s pretty pricey too, I wish Bubble could lower it. But it’s better than $500 at least.

Hey @stone,

Thanks for your reply. I have secured two big clients that will use the software upon release which will bring a great user-base. I’m interested in the Production because of the capacity, etc. as I scale, I can’t be paying $10 per/10gb. You’re right, it may be a bit excessive, and I could could with one plan lower. I was just getting people’s feedback :slight_smile:

@lantzgould Congratulations on getting some clients to your site.

Last time I heard from Bubble they were offering 500GB on the Dedicated plan which starts at $1060 month. You won’t find the price anywhere but that’s what they told me. On the dedicated plan you can buy 1000TB at $0.03 per GB.

I honestly wish Bubble would lower the GB cost on all plans since it’s quite ludicrous as it stands now, maybe @neerja or @emmanuel can give an update on that.

@lantzgould We would recommend external storage to supplement in-app storage if your app requires storage beyond 200GB currently possible on a Professional plan or higher and if Dedicated plan is not a fit for your business currently.

@neerja Could you elaborate? I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean by that.

@lantzgould Updated post - hope this helps

@lantzgould Check out this plugin to bypass storage constraints.

@neerja Thank you.

@Kfawcett Thank you for the suggestion sir! Do you have any experience with this? Easy to use in terms of attaching each file to a specific user, privacy policy, pricing, etc?

Can you save other things such as text and dates etc like a normal DB?

There’s documentation available here:

Additional details and discussions on it are here: ☁️ AWS File Uploader No File Size Limit- New Plugin from Zeroqode