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Constraint for 2 or more option sets in Repeating Group

Hi all, trying to have a repeating group do a search for > users > with constraint of 2 or more User Option Set = X and Y. How would I set this up to pull both Designers AND Premium Designers in the Repeating Group? Thanks!

Assuming there are only 3 Roles on the User type, and all users have at least 1 role, then you could just use Role <> Customer

Alternatively, use ‘merged with’ to combine two searches: search for Users (Role = Designer): merged with: search for Users (role = Designer Premium)

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Thank you! The merged with is perfect for my needs and it allows me to list Premium before non by searching Premium first and then merge with Base. I assume you could merge several searches of the same data type and they are combined in the order in which they are merged?

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