Consulta. Como dejar de pagar por una app?

Good afternoon. Excuse my query, I’m sure it’s easy but I can’t find the option.
I have an app with a monthly payment and I would like to stop paying that monthly payment since it will no longer be online.
How is it done?
Thank you
Query. How to stop paying for an app?

Hi @Taypan

Go into the app and then navigate to settings. On the General tab, the second section, I think, is where the app plan is handled.

Click on the drop-down there and select the Free plan, a popup would be shown asking why… So you just fill and all of that.

But yeah, that should stop your app from paying the monthly bills.


Thank you very much @ayfolut
I got there, but not being sure decided to ask.

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Glad you have it figured out.

Cheers. :raised_hands:

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