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Consulting on Advanced Bubble Setup

I’ve been working on sandbox projects within Bubble for the past week and have exhausted most all of the tutorials. Given that, I am looking for a consultant who can provide context/details. Some of the topics include:

  • Establishing multiple user roles and associated permissions and admin dasboard
  • Applying search with filters as defined by the user, not pre-defined
  • Workflow management, especially as it may incorporate multiple users/handoffs through notifications
  • Your own tips and tricks/good-to-know points

Preferable that you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. But I’m open to doing a few sessions over Skype. (Anticipating several hours of guided consultation and then ad-hoc as needed to an agreed upon hourly rate).

If interested, reach out here or by email ([email protected]). Better if you can demonstrate your knowledge in this area through a portfolio project or two.