Container Alignment Issue

Hey guys,

Any idea why the alignment changes when I preview my page? I have star rating system where I want it left aligned. On the editor it looks like the first picture, but in preview it changes to the 2nd picture.

3rd picture of the settings.



@mike1 whats the alignment or layout in the star icons?

The stars in the second image are center justified. Elements on each line are distributed evenly from the center, but your first image is left justified.

It’s hard to know exactly what’s happening without seeing settings on the elements within the group. But I would guess it’s either your stars coming from a text element, and those elements need to be left justified; or your stars are each in rows and the setting for those rows are center align.

Not sure what the issue was, but i changed it from Material Icon, to Bubble’s in house icons and it works fine. Thanks for looking into it guys