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Container gets bigger but not smaller

Hello all !

I have a container (group) that contains 2 repeating groups : one is displayed on page load and displays only 5 elements and the other one is displayed if the button “show all” it clicked. Then, the container gets bigger and all the list is displayed.

My problem : when i click on the “show less” button, the first repeating group is shown again, containing only 5 items, but the container remains big…

I checked “Collapse the element heigh when hidden” for the container but it does nothing…

Could you please help me ?

You can try putting the larger RG inside a group that has “collapse height”, and when u click show less, u hide the group. (drawing bellow)


Thanks for your help.
However I did as you said but the problem remains…
When I load the page, the container has the same size as the red bloc on the left on your drawing.
When I click on “show more” the container gets resized as you designed it above.
And when I click on “show less”, the biggest container and its group are not showed, but the container keeps the big size…

Hello again,

I was able to do what I wanted but there’s still a problem : As described in the picture above, the container has the height of the biggest element (the green div on the right).
It means that when the page is loaded I have a container displaying the small green element, and below I have another container displaying another small green element, but the 2 green elements are not one below the other… there’s a huge gap between them.

I’d like to have the 2 elements one below the other, and then they should expand or collapse as they do now.

Any idea of how to achieve this ?

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