Container Won't Resize to Fit Content

I have spent countless hours and am at my wits end trying to figure out why this container won’t stretch to fit the RE.

Related, I cannot get my RG to expand to show the whole list of projects unless I uncheck the “collapse when hidden” checkbox for the ‘Right Side’

Any responsiveness geniuses out there who can take a look? Link to my editor:

Try getting rid of the max widths on the group data panel + it’s children and instead let it stretch.
In case you want to set a max width on the entire contents, set it on group contents.

That should fix the second issue.

I tried that, but it doesn’t affect it.

To clarify, I’m looking for my RG to expand vertically, not horizontally - as you can see, the Test 2 project is cut off by the container and any other projects in that list won’t show.

@trwengineering Seems like you fixed it? Seems ok to me now! :slight_smile:

More forensics to help get to the bottom of the issue - whatever group I make visible on page load will show the full list of items. For example, if I make the ‘Employees’ group visible on page load, it will show the full list of employees, or if I show the ‘Project Database’ group visible on page load, it will show the full list of projects. But if I move from one to the other using the left side menu, it will not show the full list.

Not quite - see my latest comment. :confused:

@trwengineering This might be farfetched but try disabling your animations in those groups when you collapse them. I had a similar problem a couple of days back to which they replied the following:

This issue is related to the underlying coding languages behind our platform’s actions - because of this, the workaround will be the best option for you going forward, as I don’t believe this is something that can be easily resolved without the coding language framework being updated, which is somewhat outside of our control.

Your scenario is a bit different, but might be worth a shot.

Good luck!

PS: I noticed when you navigate to employees after selecting “Test 2” in your project database, the employees group does expand most of the times. So it’s either a bug or this might point you in the right direction

How strange…disabling the animation did the trick. Thank you!