Contains any item in list

So my goal is rather complex: i have a discord bot that sends data to a backend workflow via api. the data is the users stored api key (which they get from their account on my bubble app and use a command to store it with the bot) and a list of their roles in that server. i also have a data type which is called “RoleMaps” and it has a role ID, and other fields that say what permissions in the bubble app it gets. so my issue is how would i search for all role map objects in my bubble database that are mapped via the role field to any role that was returned by the bot? thank you

I think a dynamic expression that would look something like “Do a search for Role Map” with constraints on that search such as role field is in list of roles (list of roles returned by bot)

This worked, thank you! Is there a way to determine by hierarchy though? So make a hierarchy field as a number and use that RoleMap’s permissions (highest role in the hierarchy)?

In search constraints area, there is a ‘sort by’ option, which allows you to sort by a data field on the data type. This can be dates, such as created date, as well as alphabetical or numerical ordering. If you want it to be numerical you’ll probably need to add a data field to the data type to enable that. I usually label those fields in my app as ‘sort-number’.

Thank you, I appreciate it