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Contains filter doesn't work with url's?

I dont understand why Bubble doesnt recognize the ‘contains’ value I set (.pdf) and pass the condition even though the file name clearly contains “.pdf”.

I tried with 's file name and 's URL and none of those are passed. What am I overlooking here? :S

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Your screenshot just has value, not value’s file name or URL.

I got it working for a File Uploader, what control are you using? Have you got unusual characters in the filename?

Perhaps when the button is clicked, the file may not be yet uploaded, so the value is empty?


When you look at the first screenshot, you see the actual value. So even before hitting ‘Save’, the inspector already picked up the value so it is there.

I also tried '‘s file name’ and 's URL but the result is the same.

The filename isnt particularly weird, it is just the standard Amazon S3 path.

BUT, an important part I forgot to mention was that this is in fact the multi-file uploader as I thought that the regular file uploader didnt do drag and drop to upload.

So i changed the process to using the regular uploader and this works. What is different is that the condition asks for more than just the value, it needs the url. The multi-file uploader condition doesnt ask for this so even though the value in the inspector looks ok, there must be something wrong.

Maybe it is a bug…

In any case, I will be switching to the single file uploader for this to work!

Thanks again for your input!

Good that you found a solution : )

The multi file uploader returns a list of files, so could check the first file’s filename with :first item, then file name.

I’ve found that the inspector is not as useful on controls brought in by plugins.

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