Contains Keyword (How to add 2 options using Do a Search?)

I want to show in a dropdown, just 2 options of recorded text on database.

How can I add 2 contains keyword, using Do a Search?

Im trying to use the option below, but it is not working (dont show anything on dropdown)

You have two options, merging two searches, you can’t use both keywords inside the same search. Second option is to use an advanced filter, which can get extremely slow.

If you have a better option, do let me know. Always eager to learn from other options.

p.s if you do want to filter on both keywords, use just one search, but use the same conditional twice.

Tipo contains keywords Instagram
Tipo containts keywords Facebook

Use conditional twice dont work. (Don t show anything on dropdown too)


Also looking for a solution here… I have a regex the returns 2 items I want to search for.

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