"Contains one of the" instead of "Contains" with "First item" for constraining on related field


I would like to suggest a new operator: “Contains One of the”.

Example situation:
Show only employees from branches which field A is “yes”, and there is multiple branches with field A “yes”.

If i’m going to write:
“Do a search” for “Employees”, constraint by: “Branch” contains/= “Do a search” for “Branches”, constraint by: “A” is “Yes”, “first item”.

The result will be that only Employees containing that “specific” “first items” 's branch will be shown, instead of showing Employees containing “one of the” branches in the resulting list.

(Although there are workarounds expressions for an RG, but that wouldn’t work for a Searchbox datasource, because for some reason, its more restricted the way you can filter)

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