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Content being blocked on Government or Large Corporation websites

Has anyone come across Content being blocked on Government or Large Corporate websites. I have when trying to show examples using their internet - it happened to be at the Welsh Assembly and Natwest Bank. The issue I get is a blank page.

I did some digging and in turns out it is an issue with cloudfront. See Trello Help Article:

Pretty much nails it.

The way they solve it, is they have a re-direct or warning page I think. That sends you to this help article. I just wonder how they picked this up and if so, is it something we can also advise our users automatically through bubble.

Do you mean that your Bubble site gives a blank page from inside the corporate firewall, and you’d like Bubble to instead show a help page?

Sound like a question for @josh .

spot on @mishav

Thanks – that Trello article is useful. Will plan on implementing something similar (may not get to it for a week or two)

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We just deployed a message if the CDN content isn’t loading. Can you check and let us know?

Thanks @emmanuel noticed the code change in Bubble - I will test this once I visit the next corporate fire wall.