Content injection admin vs in design

Hey guys I’m new to bubble and I’m little confused about the content injection/adding itself. I’m building an online course. I’ve built it on Gitbook previously. Here’s the link to it:

Now I’m trying to build it from scratch using bubble. I was wondering should I add the content of the course directly from the design or should I be adding it using database? Maybe there is a better way too…

In my opinion, build an interface you can use to add content, and eventually maybe other people can submit courses as well :slight_smile:
You can also make that interface a smaller part of a admin type board to track # of signups and # courses, edit courses, start some and save as drafts, etc.

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I thought I replied to this. Taylor thanks for the reply.

To clarify I’m talking about dynamic pages. Like I have to build a Course Page. I have multiple courses in design, management and so on. I can create each page full with content. I can also insert data from admin panel. Is there any of the ways better than the other? and why?