Contributor URL Not Working/Changed

It appears that Bubble has recently changed the URLs for Contributors, making our previous URL nonfunctional.

Original URL : Contributor Profile | Bubble

New URL: No-Code Venture Contributor Profile | Bubble

The issue seems to be much bigger than expected, a majority of plugins in the bubble directory are currently unavailable.

Link: Plugins | Bubble

The issue has been escelated to Tier 2:

Thank you for reaching out about the issues you are having with your contributor link. I would like to let you know that our team has received and taken a preliminary look at your report.

To best assist you, I am escalating your report to our Tier 2 support team. This team works Monday-Friday, 9 AM - 6 PM EST. You will hear back from us as promptly as possible, with an update or any additional questions from our end.

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