Conversions ( convert things)

Hello All,

Does anyone have any idea on how to develop a conversions table which updates based on preset formulas

For example if i add a quantity i want to update a table that has different conversions. e.g Case to piece etc

so that if i add 100 cases i can view how many pieces it has etc

Any help is appreciated

Thank you

For the “Case” thing add a field “Pieces per Case”–>type: number.

Then use calculation operators in dynamic data (e.g. a text element to display Total Pieces Ordered):
current Case’s Quantity x current Case’s Pieces per Case’s value

Thanks djwideman

I get what you mean but i need for this conversion to be dynamic so that i can define on a product and then use it to calculate totals based on the conversion chosen. Eg how many Cases , how many inner packs how many pieces etc