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Convert bubble app to PWA

Good morning Everyone,

I have been reading a lot on this forum about convertir a bubble app into PWA. I found a couple of topics like :

Convert Bubble apps into Progressive Web Apps (sent an email to have more info)
10 min. to build a FREE 0$ native iOS/Android app 🔷
and found this project which looks dead : Welcome to PWA Creator - PWA-Creator

In all of these topics, i can’t find a proper answer : Is it possible to convert a bubble io app into pwa ? If yes, how ? Does jasonelle do the job or it’s juste for native apps ?
What i want is to convert my app into a pwa, not a native app :slight_smile:

Thank you

Have a nice day

Hello @mickael.vermand

A Progressive Web App have nothing to be converted. You have to build you app in responsive mode under Bubble, then create the PWA button (shortcut). It’s the most simplest way you can build an app for free.


Thank you for your answer.
I mean we still have to build a manifest and service worker, defining a cache strategy etc… can we create those files , upload them then link them into our to make a pWa like ?
The point would be to have most of the features like notifications, offline mode etc… I know it’s possible but I don’t know where to start

I put aside the use of PWA because some native features aren’t available.

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