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Convert day, month, FY into a date

I am creating a Task calendar for Assigned Task.
For the input I am taking data via 3 drop downs 1st for No. date, 2nd for the month, 3rd for the FY (financial year).
I am not taking the input in the date format because there are different kinds of Task scenarios. somewhere month is not required, somewhere FY is not required.

How can I convert all the data in date format for the task calendar or to how can I get the data in the Task calendar without converting in the date format.

Just a thought… could you use a date picker and then, in the workflow, extract the pieces of the date you need based on the different task scenarios? Again, just a thought.


If the user is not required to select all components of a date (date/month/year) then it seems unlikely you could achieve what you are asking

because a date needs all three components of a date (date/month/year)

What you could do is structure your database to store those values independently, so you have a datafield of date (should be a number) another for month (should be a text) and another for year (a number)

From there a user who is not required to choose the year for example, you’d be able to store only the components they do choose. However, your database would be full of null values.

Make it simple, require all three components to be selected and do as @mikeloc suggested and for each task scenario extract the component needed.

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