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Convert Number into List

I’m trying to convert the number into a list so that I can merge it with other :sums (actual, budget, and forecast are numbers)


Does anyone know the best way to resolve this? I suppose I could make a bunch of custom states, but it’s too much of a hassle

Didn’t quite understand…

When you do the Search for, the result is already a list… so if the “Item’s Actual” is alerta number, than the result will be a list of numbers…

Cost Items are a separate data type, which are not numbers. However, they contain numbers such as actual, budget, or forecast numbers

I need the sum of the actual numbers, sum of budget numbers, and sum of forecast numbers and create a list out of the sums. Out of the 3 sums, then I would like to take the max and multiply 1.2

So if you try to convert :sum into a list, it won’t let you

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