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Convert text to image?

Is there a way to convert or output text inputs (plain or rich) to an image? I want to be able to use text data entered in by users in a slideshow element since that element only displays images. Any ideas?

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I wanted to do this but couldnt find a way

You could save each text input in the database, and then build a repeating group that contains a text box that displays dynamic text?.. possibly

I’m not sure what you mean by slideshow element. But doing the above ^ you could use a repeating group, and then have arrows on each side or something to view the next “image”.

Well, I’m interested in combining with other actual images within the image slideshow element (it’s a plugin) so that all items auto play.

Thanks for the suggestion though!

Your welcome

Ya, not sure how you would go about doing that… tricky indeed.
I’m not familiar with the plugin either. Good luck in the solution hunt!


Blockspring may have something like this, from a page to an image. SelectPDF does as well. But not for a single element.