Convert Text to Number (Again!)

I apologize for a re-tread on this topic. I know it’s been covered elsewhere but I’m still at a loss for some reason.

I have a Repeating Group that has Drag-and-Drop reordering. In the tutorial re: how to build this Drag-and-Drop reordering feature, the user’s tutorial used a manually-entered “Order” category in the Database as a way to attach a number to each Draggable item.

I’d like to do this automatically when a new Draggable block is created with a Button and added to the Database.

I’ve tried the Random Number plugin without success. I’ve tried the Data Converter plugin without success. No matter what I try, I can’t figure out how to get that randomly generated number into the Database. I’ve double-checked to make sure that field is of a number type.

I currently am using the built-in Calculate Formula plugin and then trying to use that Input Field trick to convert it to a number. But I’m still unclear how to get that converted text-to-integer back into the Database.

If anyone happens to have any thoughts on this, I’d be grateful to hear them.


I think there are a couple of plugins that convert now. Check out the plugin store

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to get either to update the Database.