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Convert your Bubble App into an Android App

urlgapp is a website to convert your website for free to an android app with app bundle & apk with your own key store valid for 10,000 days .

example app on google play store urlgapp demo app
It’s a free app which it doesn’t include any ads , just wait for 2 to 3 minutes then your app is ready
All you have to do is fill the form click on download button below and we will send to you your apk , key & app bundle to your email


by default we auto complete most of this filed if you want to custom your google play key you can choose advanced in web site and fill all inputs of your google play key


:iphone: first input field section its all about your app information :

  app name : choose any name you want 

  app icon : you must upload app icon this icon will show in android home 

:link: app main url : your website link must be the main and :loudspeaker: it can`t contain ( - , ? )

:lock: second input field section its all about your key store information :
first you need to know what is Google Play key
what is key store ?
The key Google Play uses to sign the APKs that are delivered to a user’s device. When you use Play App Signing, you can either upload an existing app signing key or have Google generate one for you. Keep your app signing key secret, but you can share your app’s public certificate with others. Upload key.
so its for publish your app in google play store and to update if you want to update it

let’s continue second input field
:id: package : what is package id this is the id of your app go to google play store and and choose any app and see at the end of the url you will see ?id= {id of the app} so its very important to make sure you choice one not taken before , don’t worry urlgapp checks before building :wink: , we force to start it with com You can choose the next two part com.{test1}.{test2}

:key: company name , first and last name , origination , country , City all this information is needed to generate your key

:closed_lock_with_key: store password , key password : must remember this but its not the only important hint you can`t make store password equal to key password

:e-mail: email : its not part of key its for send apk and key to you if you don’t want to waste your time to wait for the app while it’s building … , When your app is ready we will send it to your email

now your app is ready to download It takes 2 - 5 minutes you can leave the website and we will send it to you ❤️‍🔥🎊

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