"Converted to list" better explained

Whats the function of “Converted to list” operator? what is it used for?

Not sure if im using it for the right case

This is literally the topic of my next newsletter! A use case would be setting the default of a multi-dropdown element to a single value. The element expects a list value, but say you want it to default to one selection.

Ex: Multi-dropdown is set to type Category and source is Search for Categories. The default could = Current User’s Category (single value). At this point it’s incompatible, but by changing it to “Current User’s Category :converted to list”, it will be recognized as a list value.

Hope this helps!


Thats exactly what i used it for! i just wasn’t sure if it doesn’t have any other implications,

i couldn’t use a SearchBox because a searchbox wouldnt let me search by a users email (DONT KNOW WHY), but a multidropdown did let me do this.

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