Converting a List element to a text field to pass to a RG or a popup


A newbie in Bubble here that is making progress but also getting stuck a lot.

I have tried all the tutorials I could find on lists and repeating groups and find none fit exactly what I am trying to do. I also find that unless I construct my search query in specific ways based on prior knowledge of how Bubble works for what I am trying to do, which I don’t have, the results I get back are not the ones I’m looking for or they are starting 2 or 3 steps ahead and I have no idea how they got there.

Here is my use case:

  1. Datatype - My Hives
    • Hive Name
    • List of Clients
    • List of Coaches
  2. In a RG, when Current User is in List of Clients for a given Hive Name, display the Hives the Current User has joined, along with the eMails of the Coaches who joined the same Hives.

So I am able to retrieve that info and display it correctly in the RG.

My next step, where I have been stuck for the past few days, is to use each Coach eMail address (which even if only one Coach matches to the Client in a Hive is still part of a List, and hence not available to me for a search operation) to do a search of the Users datatype for that Coach so I can display their profile and the services they offer.

To do that, I am thinking I need to convert the Coach eMail address into a text field, and either in another RG on the page, or via a Popup, do a User search based on that eMail to display their Profile information to the Client.

I keep getting stuck by the fact this is a list and I am trying to pass it to a text field. I tried formatting the List as a Text for the display in the RG and then tried to access that in another RG, but the only thing I can see to access in the second RG is List of My Hives from the first RG and not the contents of the field where I converted the List of Coach eMails into text.

So I am going in circles and have no idea how I solve this or what to try next.

Is this possible to be done? And if so, how?


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