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Converting header from floating to NON-floating - possible?

i need my header (on all pages) to NOT be floating… is there a way to convert it easily to a non-floating elements without remaking the whole header from scratch and adding it separately to every page?

Changing the “float relative to” doesnt solve my problem… Groups, as opposed to Floating Groups, don’t have that option.

In fact, generally, wouldn’t it be better to just have Groups, then a checkbox for whether they’re floating or not? (Maybe that could be implemented?)


I did this conversion on my site.
Had to do it manually so I don’t think there is a way.
But maybe someone else does…


The right way to do this is to convert your header to a reusable element if it’s not one already. Once in the reusable element select all elements of the header and ungroup them. Remove the Floating Group as you wont need it anymore.

Create a group on the pages you want your header to appear and insert the reusable element.

Try to use reusable elements as much as possible and select the type of container on the destination page not in the reusable. So same reusable element could be used for a Normal, Floating or Focus group depending on your needs.

There is no converting as such.

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Thanks Jon! Just got round to actually trying this, looks like they’ve added the feature since then! You can switch between group types now at will, nice!

Out of interest, how do you ungroup elements (as you suggested)? Is there a specific way to do it without dragging them out of the group one by one then realigning after (which is very annoying but the only way i could previously find!)


I think you can select all, right click and choose “ungroup elements…”.