Converting ID to Names in CSV Download from Repeating Group

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a feature in my app that involves a Repeating Group displaying deliveries. I’ve set up a button that allows users to download the data from this Repeating Group as a CSV file via the “Download data as CSV” action. However, I’m encountering an issue: the fields for transport companies and delivery personnel appear in the CSV file as IDs instead of their names.

My goal is to ensure that, when users download the data, they see the names of the companies and delivery personnel instead of their IDs, which would make the file more understandable.

Does anyone have suggestions or advice on how I could adjust my workflow or database to solve this problem? Is there a best practice to ensure that the downloaded data reflects the names instead of IDs?

Thank you in advance for your help and feedback!

There’s no way to do this in vanilla Bubble, without adding a load of redundant data fields on the RG’s datatype…

But this plugin is the best option for doing this:

1T - CSV Creator Plugin | Bubble