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Copilot - Product Development for Founders

Had an unbelievably informative session with Salar! He helped me through a lot of stuff that was tripping me up and he’s extremely knowledgeable. I’m really looking forward to working with him as my application scales up!

Had a solid session with Salar. He is a great resource for non-technical users of Bubble as he is able to quickly understand the issues you are facing and offer his insights to help you start tackling them.

Big shout-out to CoBubble!
If you are having any trouble with any area of your app book a session with them today!

Salar was fantastic and clearly explained how to setup my API. He also gave me some extra tips to help me make my app run faster and more user friendly.


Just had a session with Salar helping me to fix my API set-up - excellent experience.

Things are explained clearly, and he uses the time efficiently so that you definitely get your money’s worth. Would definitely recommend and will use again.

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I did my first cobubble session w/ Salar a couple days ago and he helped me understand how to build a database! This was exactly what I needed to break through my frustration and move my app forward. He was very amicable and understood exactly what I was trying to do and how to help me. This coming from a person who has pretty much zero technical knowledge/experience, I highly recommend Salar!
Also, just saw the option for Build Your Startup with No Coding course, I think I’m going to take that too-- I’m ready to launch this thing and change the world! :smile:

Another session with Salar, what a great session! He helped me as always did. I cannot recommend enough Cobubble team, specially Salar since the will help you with your problem for sure.

Thank you so much Salar, keep going like that.

I just had my first session with CoBubble - I expected to have some sort of resolution to being stuck where I was in the hour we had scheduled, but I received so much more. Clarity. I’m finally ok with admitting: I don’t now what the heck I’m doing on here. I have an idea, I want to create it . . .but simplicity is unfortunately not a starting ingredient to getting things done here. Salar was extremely helpful in expressing that my concerns are common, giving me a simple suggested start point AND follow up. Best $60 I’ve spent yet. They’ll be hearing from me again. :relieved:

Just had my first session with Cobubble after taking Salar’s Udemy course. Very much so impressed with the session and knowledge that was passed along to me. My whole application is going to be so much better from the tweaks that were recommended. I will for sure be booking more sessions as I try to learn this platform and consider Cobubble to an invaluable resource.

Are you the one who keeps taking all the sessions so that one is seldom available for me? :disappointed: LOL

Ha ha. This is my first one so I doubt it! I’m sure they’re in high demand though.

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More ways to pay with PayPal! :credit_card:

We’re uber-excited to enable users to pay with their PayPal balance, credit cards and bank accounts via PayPal. With the Bubble community growing globally, we’re happy to support over 200+ countries. If you’d also like to support over 25+ currencies, our checkout runs on both the Stripe.js and PayPal Checkout plugins. :slight_smile:

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I have a question,
How can I keep the paypal button visible at all times? Is it necessary to execute another action to allow this?

Hey @joelalcudia,

We’ve noted in the PayPal plugin forum post to give us a shout at [email protected]. :wink:

I had a session with Salar after taking his Udemy course. He helped me with issues that would have taken me a lot longer to figure out. He was great in explaining how and why things work. Super helpful session and I would do it again.

Just wrapped up a 60 minute session with Salar, and I was able to get my questions answered and more! You could book a session with no questions and walk out with plenty of new knowledge. Excellent resources, great educational materials - I can’t recommend the CoBubble team highly enough.

Had a session - very helpful and informative.

Just finished a session with Salar to work through some OAuth issues. He did a great job and really helped me to understand the underlying concepts that were causing my technical issues. I’ll be scheduling more sessions for sure!

Worked with Cobubble on some problems that plateaued my progress with bubble. they were able to help a lot and thoroughly explain the steps to continue my build.

working with Cobubble was definitely worth it. and will be working with them again to sponsor an api.

I’ve had four sessions with Salar about a month or two apart each and they were profoundly helpful. Like mindblowing, breakthrough, no more beating head against wall helpful. Salar is legit and he helped me get my app to market months earlier than if I had gone it alone.


Over the past couple days, I’ve had three sessions with Salar. I must say this is a 5 star service!!

Salar is amazing. He was able to quickly grasp my app and jump right in to assist. Salar was a machine as he powered through my workflows showing my issues, making the changes, and coaching me on what was happening.

I had a list of 5 items during our first session and thought just the first two would take up an hour. After 45 minutes efficiently covering all 5 items, I ran out of questions.

I highly recommend if you’re spinning your wheels on an aspect of you app, book a session with CoBubble and Salar. It’s worth it as it may spare you the cost of spending a day or two on something that they can resolve quickly in one session.