Copy a thing with all it's data

So if I want to make a copy of a block, which has an address, name, etc how would I do that. When I make a copy of a list of things I can copy the block but not the data that is within the block.

Is there a copy function on the horizon?

Hi! Brad, did u solve this issue? @Bradluffy

Hey folks

It’s actually already there, but it takes a tiny hack to do it. As there is a Copy a list of… feature, you can use this to copy a Thing, as long as you return a list with only 1 item (assuming you want to copy only one). There’s two ways to do this:

Specify the search so you only get one result
If you search by Unique ID for example, you will always get a list with only one Thing in return, and Bubble will happily copy it for you.

Convert to list
You can add the :converted to list at the end of a search result, that will make Bubble convert a single result (often a :first item) and convert it to a list containing only that item.


Do a search for:First item:converted to list

Hope that helps!

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