Copy and Restore database is overwriting without selecting 'Data Type'

Dear Team I have faced this issue when i forget to select ‘Data Type to copy’ option in Copy and restore database option it consider the blank dropdown as All Type and all my live data has been replaced with development data this need to immediately fixed i am attaching the screenshot pls look and make Dropdown ‘Data type to copy’ mandatory to select.

Just to devils advocate here even though I complain a lot:

So, you typed the phrase and pressed the button without selecting a data type. You must not have read the warning that it will overwrite your existing database

What we’re you expecting to happen?

Best case scenario: bubble replaces the blank option with “All types”

Did you roll back your db after you realized your error?

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@jared.gibb no warning was showed to me because i didn’t select “All Types” in dropdown. but later i restored my all data.