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COPY and RESTORE Database issue (images attached)

Critical rendering issue caused my customer to WIPED the database CHANGE HISTORY due to confusion.

Some times the popup renders incorrectly placing the information to RESTORE TO PREV. VERSION text inside the WIPE CHANGE HISTORY section.

Incorrect rendering:

Correct rendering:

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Suggestion to developers and designers.

Beside making sure this rendering issue does not happen…

You have 3 different actions inside one panel.

  1. Ideally separate them in tabs over the top so each section is displayed by itself.
  2. If you must keep it the way it is now, as a intermediate remedy; title each section eg.


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Ouch! That’s is huge deal. If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend submitting an official bug report to Bubble.

I was able to reproduce the behavior consistently. In fact, it seems the first time the dialogue is invoked after the page is refreshed, it will render incorrectly. Subsequent invocations render properly. Either way, it’s a really poor UI design.


I also noticed that when it renders incorrectly after a page refresh, the correct (wipe) text does appear briefly before it gets replaced by the incorrect (restore) text.

Thanks, filed.

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