Copy API call Missing?

I might be slowly going mad from all the Bubble dev I’m doing

I’ve written a pile of API’s and often used the copy command to create new related call from a working one.

Just recently needed to write a couple more and the copy command appears to be missing. I remember you needed to expand the call but I can’t find the command. Has it changed?

Cheers John

Right click on existing call → duplicate.

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Dang, right click. Thanks @keith - Everyone should go buy Floppy :smiley:

Weird that the one thing on the right click menu is duplicate - why not have it in there for all to see?

Cheers - John

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So true. So true. Not because it’s so great right now, but mostly because all of the things that I make in the future will be under the Floppy umbrella. Just saying.

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@johnnyweb, it IS a weird interface choice and has gotten me more than once. It’s like, “uhhh… waitaminute… I know you can duplicate a call… but I don’t see the option…”

Yeah it’s been a month or so since I’ve done any API stuff and that’s when I got caught out :blush:

Still I’m unlikely to forget it now

Thanks for the help

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