Copy Data from Form Submission Based on Input Variable

I have a page full of form boxes.

Once you submit the form, it creates an entry in the db and populates in a repeating grid.

My question is - how can I copy the details provided from the form?

There is an input that records a number. Based on that number I want to copy the data that was submitted from the form.

Let’s say the user types in a 5 - when that user hits submit, I want 5 records of that data from the form to be populated in my repeating grid.

Tried copying the data manually, yet only registers one.

Tried converting the results of 1 to a list based on that submission number, does not work.

Any ideas?

An example of what I’m trying to accomplish:

It’s not entirely clear what you’re trying to do here (or why)…

But if I understand you correctly, the way to achieve what you’re trying to do is by using a recursive backend workflow…

There are plenty of posts about recursive workflows here in the forum, so I won’t go into too much detail, and there a different ways you can do it… but to outline the basic concept…

Create a backend workflow that creates one record (include parameters for all the required data, plus a number parameter to indicate the ‘number of runs’), then schedules itself to run again based on a condition that the ‘number of runs’ parameter value is more than 1. When it schedules itself to run again, pass the ‘number of runs’ number as its current number minus 1.

Then, in the front-end, schedule that workflow to run, pass the required data into it along with the the Number of times you want it to run (into the number parameter, based on the value of the input.

You could also look into plugins such as List-Shifter, which allow you to do similar things directly on the page.