Copy entry live to dev/dev to live

Hello, feature request:

I need to copy a single entry from live to dev (often). Same structure and everything. Is this already possible.

Hey there @duke.severn,

This is a feature already. Below is documentation that walks you through doing that.

Hey @johnny thanks. I wasn’t able to find it in that documentation. There seems to be entire database, and by type. I’m looking for entry. If you have a minute could you show me how?

Sure, here’s my forum test app example:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Select Development to Live
Select the Type you want to copy over
Confirm it

Sorry if I’m not explaining myself correctly. I want to copy 1 entry from live to dev. No worries I can see why it’s not available. Dealing with the relationships and foreign keys is more difficult than just doing it manually.

Though if we had a way of selecting an entry and having Bubble deal with copying all the relevant related entries, without copying the whole data type over, that would be swell. Not super critical for my application though.

Oops… my bad totally didn’t read single entry. There isn’t a way, but copying & pasting is your best bet probably

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