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Copy Layout Settings

As I’m starting to get to grips with the new responsive engine (which I’m a big fan of overall), in converting some of my pages over to the new engine I’m finding that I’m using the same (or more-or-less the same) layout settings for many different groups and elements on the page.

Having to set up the same layout settings for each group/element individually and manually is time consuming, and prone to making mistakes, especially on complex pages.

So it would be great if there was an option to ‘copy layout settings’ from one one group to another (as there currently is for ‘copy conditional formatting’, and ‘copy formatting’). Once you’ve got one group behaving responsively the way you want it to you could simply right click on the group, copy layout settings, then paste them onto other groups to save having to manually make all the same settings.

Or, alternatively, having layout settings in ‘styles’ would also allow you to apply the same settings to multiple elements much more efficiently.