Copy many details from one master to another

I have a table of Masters and another of Details. Each Master has many details (commonly hundreds). Each Detail is owned by a single Master. Each Detail has a Type. There are eleven types specified in an Option Set. Here’s the Use Case of what I want to do:

User selects source Master from dropdown
User selects target Master from dropdown
User selects Type from dropdown
User clicks Copy button
App copies all details with the selected Type from source to target

This will regularly involve several dozen records. Most users will do this a few times during every session. I’ve worked with Java and MySQL but on a Bubble knowledge scale of 0 to 9 where 0 is “never heard of Bubble” and 9 is “wrote Bubble”, I’m probably a 3. I’ve been searching through the Reference manual but haven’t found any information about doing this. Can someone point me to some documentation or examples?

I prefer to do this without paid plugins. Free ones are OK. Thanks for any information you can provide.

As you’re copying stuff in the backend, sounds like you need a recurrsive workflow.

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