Copy options are missing on right click

Hi all,

I’m following a tutorial, and in it they can right click on containers or elements and can copy/paste workflows and conditional formatting.

These options are missing from my menu - does anyone know why?

My menu:

Tutorial menu (ideal):

Thanks !

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See your “Copy with…” item? Under there.

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Hi Keith, this doesn’t quite solve it… This copies the element or container WITH something, I only want to copy/paste formatting to an existing element or contianer.

Same goes with workflows… I’m wondering if Bubble had an update that removed these?


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Thanks Adam!

I’m pretty sure the “Copy with” text is misleading - I see the old options for copying formatting and style (without copying the element, as I understand it) under that menu. I am also pretty sure that “copy with workflows” has always copied the element along with the attached workflows, at least in the last couple years I’ve been here.

On second glance, that ‘Copy conditional expressions’ function is something I’ve been ignoring that could actually be pretty useful, haha. Will have to check it out.

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It’s literally the same option with a modified (as in, kind of more correct) label.

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