Copy/Pasting to field involved in a Webhook wont send the data

Weird one here. I have an API workflow to trigger a webhook to Discord. While testing, I happened to copy/paste text into the multiline input involved in the workflow, and noticed the message never showed in Discord. After playing around with it, it seems like half the time, pasted text gets passed through to Discord, and half the time it doesn’t. I haven’t been able to find a consistent cause for the failures.

I thought it might be some weird formatting thing that is causing something to get stuck? So I find&replaced with the following regex. Still no change. Has anyone come across this?

Pretty sure you are using API Connector and probably that the text is not encoded. You need to use :formatted as json-safe. This action will also add double quotes around text. So if you have it in your JSON payload, you will need to remove them.

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Pretty sure that did it. Thank you!

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