Copy/Validate/Filter Tool Implementations

Dear fellow Bubble users,

I have a few questions under one headline. The main question is, is it possible to create copy, validate, and advanced filter tools in Bubble? The rest is explained in detail.

My MVP has a table divided into groups of records based on the product field in each record. There can be hundreds of records in each product. There are 16 fields in each record; four are option sets, the others are text containing one or more English words. A few of the fields can contain hundreds of words. One or more users can do create, delete, update, and read operations on each product simultaneously. There won’t be dozens of simultaneous users in a single product but there will often be more than one user.

The following operations on all the records in a product are critical to the success of my MVP. I’m trying to evaluate Bubble’s suitability for this product. I don’t want to get 95% of the product complete only to find out I CAN’T complete the final 5%. Are these operations possible? Are there any issues or problems I should be aware of? I’m not looking for a solution, just an indication that one or more of the following operations CANNOT be done in Bubble. It’s OK if an operation takes a few minutes to complete.

  • Copy some or all of the records in one product to another existing product or to a new product based
    on the values of some fields in the records.
  • Do a find/replace operation on one or more text fields in all the records in a product. This is like a Word find/replace in which the search can consider or ignore case and search for sub-strings or only consider whole words.
  • Filter records in a product on one or more option sets and text fields.
  • Validate a product by performing error checks on every record in the product. This involves doing a spell check as well as searching the text fields for dozens of predefined words and looking for patterns of words.

I currently don’t have an app to share with you and I’ll start making one according to your first impressions. I’m basically checking the feasibility now for such functions.

Thank you for your feedback.

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