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Copy writing vs content writing

What is different between content writing and copy writing?

The main differences are style an purpose.

Content writing is designed to inform. Examples include articles, blog posts, ebooks, etc. They tend to follow a more journalistic style, although that doesn’t necessarily mean devoid of personality.

Copywriting is more promotional. These include advertisements, sales pages, landing pages, etc. The goal is to persuade more than inform.

Often these two are used together. For instance an ebook might be used as a lead magnet (content). To get people to download that content usually requires ads, landing pages, etc. (copywriting).

Some writers can do both, but they are different skill sets. I hope that helps.

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Content writing refers to the message’s nature/subject itself whereas copywriting is about how you say the words and structure the content.

If I wrote an article online about losing weight, the content would be the different tips and advice for how to achieve weight loss. It’s the actual content of the message. Copywriting refers to the delivery of this content. If I were a copywriter, my job would be to create a compelling headline like “Eat Whatever You Want & Lose Weight!” or “No Gym, No Problem: 10 Ways to Lose Weight without Equipment”. My job as a copywriter isn’t to do the research and gather the content, it’s to format the content in an attractive and strategic manner. The content writer, on the other hand, would be responsible for the story.

Also, you can be both a content writer and a copywriter at the same time!