Copying a list of repeating group items to a database

Thank you for the assistance in advance. i have a pos cart i want to implement a new feature for currently users have to check items one by one in a repeating group to close the sale (move from the cart to the sales database) i need help implementing a feature where i can do all of this at once.

Hey @analytics you can have a checkbox in your repeating group with a state. Then from a backend workflow you can trigger it when clicking continue to pos cart and add all items there either to a database or create another state to pass a list of items.

Can you care to ellaborate please ? when you say checkbox with a state,

I think what @Clasicwebtools talks about is that you can set a custom state to be yes/no to the repeating group. If user ticks the checkbox, the state change to yes and continue to do other processes.

Hope I am not getting the meaning wrong.

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