Copying & Pasting into Multi Dropdown

I am creating a Multi Dropdown field for users to copy and paste a list of emails into. Once I copy and paste the emails into the Multi Dropdown input, the last email gets omitted. Is there a solution to this?

For example, I copied these emails from my notepad.

Then, I pasted them into the multidropdown and the last email does not show up.

How can I get the last email to show up?


By chance, does that multidropdown have a maximum number of items?

Please have a look at the screenshot:

The good thing this method also removes non-valid email addresses.




Nope, there is no maximum

Hi! Thank you for your help, your multidropdown is exactly what I want. I’m trying to duplicate what you did on my end. How did you get your multidropdown to have a Choices source of “Parent Group’s Text”? I tried making choices dynamic on my end, but the only option I have is “Parent Group’s Thing”.

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It is for setting the empty default value.
You need to set its parent to be a text type of content. Or you can address an empty state of a list of text.

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Thanks for your fast response! I was able to do that on my end, but my multidropdown still doesn’t work like yours. Is there any other changes you made that you can bring to my attention?

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Thank you so much! I got it working!

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I’ve updated the script a bit in the editor.
Now, it trims whitespace on paste.

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Awesome, thank you so much! Great work :slight_smile:

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