Coronavirus virus repository - Listen to Real Life stories

Hello Bubblers,

I’m a licensed FCC amateur radio operator and speak daily with other amateur operators all over the world.

I have built the framework for a web services platform where amateur radio operators around the world can come to and upload their recordings with other operators regarding the coronavirus. It’s entirely based upon Bubble technology!

What makes this service unique is the fact that the situation is being reported live by local inhabitants right at ground zero. That said, I would like to produce a repository of recordings from fellow citizens from around the world so that this incident serves as a reminder and never ever happens again. So many innocent people have died as a result of this. The web site will be open to the public.

If you would like to help/teach me with wiring up my forms with the backend so I can get this off the ground I’d certainly welcome your support! If you know design, even better.

The form that will be filled looks like this:

The home page will look like this

The home page will be a simple listing of files uploaded by amateur radio operators worldwide. The list is in chronological order. The same format will be applied to an individual account so the radio operator knows what she or he has uploaded.

Thank You!

Look forward to speaking with you!


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Good Morning All,

I was able to finally get my data base up and running. I also created the popup I needed so people can join the service right from the index page.

I want to learn how information entered into the form can be displayed within the user account. Users filling out the form fill 11 fields. These 11 fields should then be displayed below the form being filled and contain new line items as new information is submitted.

I experimented with groups but didn’t seem to get it working.

What resources or person are available to teach me?

Thank you, stay safe be healthy!


you want a list of the recordings a user uploads to be visible on the page when they log-in?

Hello Mediamasons,

Yes.When a user logs into his or her account they will see below the upload form a simple list of what they have already uploaded.

On the home page, I was thinking that there could be a scrolling list of real-time ‘recording traffic’ listed as it becomes available by the amateurs around the world.

Thank you,


when you create a record for the uploaded file i assume you have a field in that database for the user. so you can create a repeating group in your app then sett the repeating group to show all recordings with a filter of record user = current user.

does this help?