Correcting a List Field within User

Hi, everyone:

I am having issues modifying a list field inside my User datatype. I will attempt to explain with a spreadsheet.

  • So in my User datatype, I have a field called Shopping Cart which is a list of Cart Items.
  • Cart Item is another datatype with fields Item Name, Version/Option, and Price. It lists all the versions and their prices to an in-person event.

A user can purchase a membership and register for an event at the same time, but if he removes the membership from his shopping cart later, then everything he registered as a member needs to be changed to guest as illustrated here in Excel:

As you can see, Shopping Cart stores the Unique ID of the Cart Item.

I have tried a number of things, and this is as close as I got:

where this is what’s inside find&replace for Option:

So far, this has given me either wrong or blank results for more than a day. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I can’t quite work out what you’re trying to do…

But i think you’re trying to change a cart item, yes?

Sorry for the confusion.

I’m trying to change the User’s Shopping Cart, which is a list of Cart Items.

For example, the User originally orders a Membership (which has Unique ID 1) and registers for Event 1 and Event 2, he would receive member pricing for both events (Unique ID 2 and 4). But let’s say he changes his mind before checkout and decides to not become a member after all. Then the member pricings he received earlier would become invalid and would now get guest pricings for those events (Unique ID 3 and 5).

Does this makes better sense?

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