CORS policy blocking

I possess a substantial dataset comprising over 18,000 records in a .csv file, featuring a column labeled “URL Image.” However, I have encountered a CORS blocking issue while attempting to download the associated images.

I am seeking guidance on resolving this matter. Specifically, I am considering converting the image URLs to base64 encoding as a potential solution. Could you provide instructions on how to convert a list of image URLs to base64? my .csv file contains 10 columns, one of which is designated for “image URLs”
Any suggestion ?
Thanks in advance

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What do you want to do? Save it to Bubble DB? How do you “download” them actually (or what do you mean by download in your case)?

I uploaded the .csv file to Xano and utilized the “Group2image” plugin in my Bubble app to download images that display on my bubble page. The images are sourced from the “url image” column in the CSV file, meaning the original images are stored on a separate server, and I only have the image links.

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