Costly problem: terminate this workflow with condition

This problem has been reported at least three times before.

Topics have been closed but I don’t see that a solution was presented and I have been struggling with this for months. In total, I have probably burned more than a day’s time searching for errors in my workflow logic. Today, I finally took the last bits of workflow apart to discover the problem, only to discover that the problem has been reported but not resolved.

Since it has had a bug report submitted at least once, I won’t be doing that.

Hey, Bubble team, is there any hope of getting this fixed?

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@laurence The bug report submitted had external factors that made this issue non-reproducible. Feel free to submit your use case and we can review.

For now, I just need to work around this, i.e. not use terminate with condition.

If I find time to assemble an example to share, I’ll do that. If the problem is the result of a network (cascade?) of conditions in my app, it’s unlikely that I’ll figure out how to demonstrate this in a bug report.

Hi Laurence,

I was not able to reproduce a simple scenario for the Bubble team to investigate and unfortunately I don’t have too much time available at the moment. It was one hell of a bug to reproduce.

If you have pinpointed the issue and have a clear and reproducible scenario it would help a lot if you could pass it via ticket to the team.

I will continue trying.

Thanks, Jon. At this point, I’m way behind on the real work of making the app do what I’ve advertised that it will. This bug was an absolute stinker, and because it was so obscure, I don’t know how many places I gummed up the logic in feeble attempts to speed things up . . . yada yada yada :confused:

Next up, I need to test a feature on about eight pages that I disabled until Bubble techs presented a solution to another bug. Now it’s time to try reinstating that feature after ensuring that the Bubble fix did its job.

This is my setup, let me know what kind of actions I should add and where in the workflow because there does not appear to be a loading bar or a delay in running workflow.

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This obviously won’t be a duplicate of my situation, but try this:

  • add two custom states to the page:
    wDate1 of type Date with any valid date as its default value
    wDate2 of type Date with any valid date as its default value

  • in the terminate action, use condition: This Page’s wDate1 is empty or This Page’s wDate2 is empty.

The condition should evaluate to false and the terminate should not happen. In my case, it adds four or more seconds to the workflow.

Your mileage will vary. :slight_smile:


Same issue here, using a “terminate this workflow” action with easy condition, slows the whole workflow, i tested it!

Any solution yet?

Do you have a reproducible simple scenario that you can present via a support ticket? My app has too many custom JavaScript that entangles everything to be useful for Bubble support team.

@JonL I’ll try variations of @laurence suggestions and report back


I came across another one today. The condition was simply this:

Only when inputName’s value is empty

inputName is an input element.

This element and workflow happen to be in a reusable popup element.

My workaround is to split the workflow in two, with opposite conditions on each. The extra work associated with the condition that terminated the original workflow is now handled in a separate workflow and doesn’t need to terminate conditionally.

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