Costs of scaling up an app?

Hi guys,

Does anybody have any insight on the most costly aspects of scaling up an app? Specifically, what contributes to running costs? e.g. is it server costs, file storage etc.

I plan to have my app emailing users once a week and I wondered if this has any significant cost involved? Scaling this up on a platform like Mailchimp would obviously be very expensive.

Any insight or advice on this topic would be really appreciated.

Thanks so much


It really depends on your app.

Servers are likely the largest scaling cost you’ll have for a while. And, the amount of servers you need are primarily based on the number of concurrent users you have at peak hours. Having a database of 100k users doesn’t cost more, but having 5k users using at it once would require a fair amount of server capacity. And, the amount really depends on how server intensive their actions are. If they’re just looking at standard pages on your site that are the same for everyone (so they can be cached) then it’s not too expensive. If they’re all loading large lists of RGs that are personalized to them, then it’s a lot more server intensive.

You may also spend money on 3rd parties, like sendgrid, mailchimp, mixpanel, etc. Different tools use different pricing models, but generally the more usage the higher the cost.


That’s awesome! Thanks so much for the insight! Really appreciated.

Has anybody released any transparent info on their app running costs?

Additionally, dedicated servers are considered 40 units in case that’s helpful.


Amazing! Thanks for the link. Really useful.