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Could a professional plan handle at least 50,000 monthly visits or so? (social network)

I’m building a social network and I’m wondering if the professional plan is enough for what I’d like to plan for? For my pre launch campaign for my beta version, I’m wondering if I happen to get 50,000 visitors, would this plan be able to handle it? Or what’s about the limit of traffic it could hold? I’m not too sure what the 3 server capacity means…

How can I get a clearer idea on what to expect with what servers can handle and cost? Also I’m not sure what adding capacity really means… I would like to know how much more traffic would it cover but not sure how?

First it would be the pre launch page only which is just a landing page, pretty light and simple. The network itself think of it as similar to instagram maybe. User profiles, feeds, pictures and videos. I’m thinking of keeping it max to 5k-10k users until we scale, but of course visits could be much more than that. Is the professional plan ok for this?


How do you plan on getting 50k visitors straight away?


It’s more about what the page and app is doing than raw number of users.
Our app in the beta phase, much of the processing is backend and scheduled based. Pages have a bunch of workflow activity but we don’t have high level of user engagement. Users are generally only in the app a few mins a day.

My approach has been to keep scaling the app and users while closely watching the app capacity dashboard to know when and why I’m hitting limits. We’re on Pro tier now.
Once I did that I experimented with the option of testing temporary bumps in capacity to see what another 3-7 capacity units would do.
From there I dug into some of the spikes to better understand what was driving the peak, and redesigned some workflows to distribute the load a bit over a few mins instead of all at once.

I plan to hold onto the Pro level as long as possible, but expect we’ll have to jump up at some point. There’s just no way to project when.

I’m wondering the same. We will likely have 1,000+ users per day and wondering how well Bubble can handle large people visiting the page and how the data is stored.

I’m wondering about the same thing, searched the forums but don’t get any real numbers.

Lets just say that op has 50k users in 1 day, yes its a lot but CAN bubble simply handle the number and serve that as just static pages with minimal workflows?

Is this even possible?

Where are bubble sales people???

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I’m currently looking to know more about bubble performance capacity! Did you guys got more information about this?

Thank you in advance

Hey all,

This honestly varies depending on the scope of your app, you might be able to reach out to the Bubble Success team at [email protected] for advice for your specific use case.