Could someone explain how I can get a Dexcom API?


I am trying to get a Dexcom api, GET / egvs. Dexcom API | GET /egvs

This app is for diabetics, and I am needing this api. Anyone know how to get it on my app?

You need to follow step on the authentication part first and get an Access token. After, you will be able to initialize endpoint.
From what I see, I think you will need to create a manual auth process for this API (doesn’t use the oAuth2 one from Bubble)

The Authorization page need to be called from a url link, the code decoded at the page after the redirection. Using API connector, you use the code to get an access token and refresh token. Using API Connector, you can refresh access token when it’s expired. Access token and refresh token need to be save in your DB.

Thank you! Seems to be a little more complicated than I thought as I come from no coding experience. Will look more into all of that.

Thank you for your reply!

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