Could someone help me on how to use the Orchestra plugin?

Hello! :blush:

Can anyone help me? In finding where I’m going wrong!.. I really appreciate it :raised_hands:

I’m using the Orchestra plugin to add the values ​​that are in my rp, I did all the steps on how to use this plugin, as shown in a tutorial on youtube. But even so, you are doing a totally wrong sum. I’ll leave the images of how I did it step by step.

Note: Unfortunately I will not be able to share my access :frowning:

( This is the rp I use)

1 -




5 - In the fifth step, I use this action so that when the dropdown that I’m using as a “trigger” is changed and the input itself where the custom state is where it receives the sum, it cleans and disappears again, in exchange for a new value of the dropdown.

And this is the input that “receives” the sum value of the custom state, which would be the sum of my rp, which is adding up wrong. :confused:

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