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Could the address input stay in English only?

I have made an input field where the user will enter address in English, and once this input is entered and shown in another page it automatically changes to Korean where I’m using the bubble at the moment.

Is there any way to make this address input to stay in English as it was originally inserted?

Thank you.

see this: Geographical address language + customization

It is a Google Chrome issue for me. If I try the input in IE for example, I get the english version of the address. Problem is that I’d like Chrome to force English because many users will use the input in a language other than English.

Thanks for the kind reply.
I’ve noted the other forum that you put up a link to,
and seems like there is no proper solution for this except to add the language parameter to the Javascript into the google map settings. Were you able to make this work? I also looked at the instruction but don’t have any idea where to put that javascript into.

The issue is with the address being stored in a particular language in Bubble. That comes from a search box that Bubble pulls in from Google, so if there is anything to change, like force English as an optional checkbox, it would be in the Bubble backend. As far as I understand…